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About Edward Tajchman: an Introduction

    Edward Tajchman attempts to create portals with his art. Gateways that connect different times and spaces, past and futures, ancient and modern stories. With his surreal and symbolic paintings and sculptures he is trying to build bridges between worlds and at the same time, between the inner self and the external world. One of the ways he does this is by working with understanding the symbolic language of the dreaming self. Trying to reach down into not only his deepest self, but trying to reach down into the collective unconscious of humanity and society. He seeks to express his soul and share in the soulful experience of everyone on this planet, he does this by making his art. His painting and sculptures are gateways of travel and transformation using mythology, philosophy, psychology, ancient and modern culture for inspiration.

    Edward has been making art for as long as he can remember. He originally hails from outside of the Kansas City area, Shawnee, Kansas. One of his earliest memories is being in pre-school sitting in a chair with crayon in hand, looking around and wondering why some kids seemed to be just scribbling wildly (although in high school scribbling wildly would become one of his techniques). When his friends would want to play outside, he would often prefer to draw or read, being perfectly content reading about the worlds of others or creating his own. He studied art profusely in high school at Shawnee Mission North taking almost every art course they offered, sometimes 2, 3 times. Freshman year when he was 15 years of age is when he discovered that making art was what he wanted to do with the rest of his life. Feeling depressed and alienated as teenagers often do, a teacher found value in his talent and inspired him to develop it. It is something like thinking you are on the right path to where you want to go, but you finally hit a fork in the road with clear signage confirming your intuition. Teachers can be powerful enablers and Edward has never stopped making art profusely since that time.

    In his 10 years of experience in custom picture framing and art preservation he has attained a master level knowledge of the craft, working for himself and various galleries in the Kansas City and Pittsburgh, PA areas. Finding this trade after high school helped Edward vastly increase aesthetic skills like extreme attention to detail, fine craftsmanship, color and design theory, and many techniques for mounting and preserving artwork. He has designed and framed well over 10,000 pieces of artwork, small sculptures and artifacts, family heirlooms etc. Working with so many pieces of art day in and day out for over a decade has helped him hone his eye and taste in many different ways.

    Traveling is one of Edward's favorite things and in his time on this Earth he has managed to have worked with artists from all over the world.  He spent a total of several months working on a mural project in northern Holland with other international artists working and living collaboratively. He has traveled to Senegal, visiting many artist's studios in the country. He spent time talking with the artists about their work and process and also sharing his own insights. Both these international experiences have helped him to understand how art is a way of understanding that transcends all barriers of culture and language. It can be a really powerful way to communicate, especially between people who are the most different from each other.  He has traveled the Midwest and Southern United States painting live at music and art festivals and exhibiting his art as he traveled. In addition to exhibiting his work at these festivals he has shown in several solo shows in the Kansas City area, and participated in group shows in Houston, Texas, and Holland. All these experiences have profoundly shaped his approach to life and art. We all have the same blood running through us, differences are superficial, we are one people regardless of where we come from, although where we come from can be a powerful story.

    In addition to his years studying and working in the field of picture framing and preservation, he also has 300 plus studio hours studying commercial art at the Johson County Area Visual and Technical School. He has taken several saturday courses at the Kansas City Art Institute and now in his late 30's he has gone back to school; studying fine and liberal arts at Johnson County Community College and Kansas University. Art-History, Psychology, philosophy, mythology, literature, story-telling, and knowledge in general are all vital to his growth as an evolving artist.

    "The art I make will always come from my hands. My sweat will have dripped on it, dirt from my hands rubbed into it, blood spatters sunken into it's layers. The art I make will always of lived with me for a while, being stared at while I eat, while I drink coffee, being constantly obsessed over in pursuit of perfection. It takes in the energy that surrounds me every day. I will have smelt, touched, attempted to perceive every aspect of it's corporeal existence. And the art I love most will always have come from someone's hands. You can see and feel when a piece of art has chi, or spirit energy. It's perceivable, it draws you in and leaves you silent. I love technology do not get me wrong it is an amazing tool I use everyday. It is just the art I make and love will always have come from someone's hand, from a place and time in their life."

                                                                                                    -Edward Tajchman