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If you are interested in purchasing an original work of art E-mail the artist at the above link to initiate contact. Prices for original paintings and sculptures can be from a couple hundred dollars to several thousand depending on the size of the work. Paypal or direct deposit are the preferred methods of transaction.

You can purchase prints, greeting cards, and other merchandise featuring  Edward's paintings by visiting:

Ed's Gallery at FineArtAmerica

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          A short introduction to the work of Edward Tajchman

    Edward Tajchman seeks to create passage ways with his art that connect different times and spaces, that bridge the gap between cultures, that are a gateway of expression between the self and the society in which that self exists. He makes surreal, captivating, and symbolic paintings & drawings; and is currently studying sculpture. His work touches on ancient arch-types of the human condition, mythology, personal narrative and the dreaming state of mind. He has been making art since he was a small child, where he would often spend hours being lost in drawings and his imagination. He considers making art as a need to release expression and energy that seems to bubble up inside, a necessary and joyful compulsion.